When you walk into Riverview Church on any given Sunday morning, you’re joining a diverse group of people from many different backgrounds, family situations, and life circumstances. We’ll meet you at the door with a smile and hand you a bulletin with current church events and sermon notes. Some people dress up and others wear jeans; you’ll fit in either way. If you wish, your children can participate in our gospel-focused nursery and children’s ministries for an age-appropriate time of worship and instruction.
During our 10:30am service, we’ll sing, greet one another, give, pray, and hear the Scripture preached. Here’s what to expect:

At Riverview, our music is characterized by a blend of contemporary songs and traditional hymns. While our music is an act of worship rather than a performance, we strive for undistracting musical excellence as a way to honor the Lord. Because we believe that the songs we sing are part of our teaching ministry, we’re vigilant to ensure they are doctrinally sound and reverently expressive. Our goal is God’s glory.
During this brief time, you’ll meet some of our people as they introduce themselves and welcome you to our church. We also invite you to our Welcome Center in the foyer after the service, where you’ll meet more of our members and receive a small gift as a thank-you for your visit.
Part of our worship is giving back to the God who has given so much to us. If you’re new, please don’t feel any obligation to contribute until you know our ministry more fully.
Corporate Prayer
Before leading us in prayer, a pastor or elder will read a portion of Scripture to help us direct our thoughts.
Expository Preaching
The Bible is God’s inspired Word, authoritative and sufficient to teach us everything we need to know about God, man, sin, salvation, holiness, and heaven. Because of this, we place a high value on expository preaching—that is, preaching that is faithful to the text by examining it verse by verse and line by line. We often preach sermon series that walk through entire books of the Bible, so that we receive the whole counsel of God.
We hope that our Sunday service will lead you to experience the love of God in Christ and the fellowship of his people. Join us!