Adventure camp

June 23-27, 6PM-9PM
Every day, our kids are bombarded with questions:
  • Did God really create everything? 
  • Why do bad things happen? 
  • Was Noah’s ark real? 
  • Why do I need to be saved? 
  • Can I trust the Bible?

At Adventure Camp, your kids will explore the biblical answers to these questions as they set off on an epic adventure from Genesis to Revelation.

Adventure Camp is for children, four-year-old children through those that have completed seventh grade. Junior Adventurers (four-year-old through 2nd grade) will participate in a Bible lesson, games, craft, snacks, music, and assemblies. Adventurers (3rd grade through 7th grade) will participate in a Bible lesson, their choice of two electives, and assemblies.

Elective options for those who have completed 3rd grade through 7th grade:
Adventure Games
Get your game on! Battle your opponents in games of 9-square, tug-of-war, relay races, capture the flag, and cornhole!
Join us for a beginner-friendly archery session featuring 3D targets. No experience is necessary.
Learn to crochet and make an ear warmer headband to take home. We will also make a lap-sized Afghan as a group to be donated to a nursing home or special needs infant. 
Circus Skills
Learn the basics of juggling, tight rope walking, balloon twisting, painting clown faces, and making circus concession snacks. 
Lego Masters Club
Are you a Lego master? Join the fun and work with a team on some epic Lego challenges to see if you've got what it takes! Blindfolds, bridges, races...this club has a little of everything and a lot of fun! Did we mention that the winning team will receive awesome prizes?!
Pinewood Derby
Transform a block of wood into a race car that will compete with other campers in your group. Design, sand, paint, and assemble to accomplish this task. Have fun competing, but also share ideas to increase the speed of your race car. 
Come and build your six-axis robotic arm operated by levers and hydraulics. The robot will have a gripper and a suction cup to pick up objects and move them around. 
String Art
Join us as we spend the week creating a string art project. We'll stain our wood and use hammers, nails, and colorful threads to create a beautiful piece to take home at the end of the week. 
Survival Skills
Join us to build your own survival/first aid kit. Learn how to tie various knots, build a shelter, start a fire in different ways, and signal for help. 
This groovy class will use various tie-dye techniques on shirts, pillowcases, and drawstring bags, which you will take home at the end of the week. We'll work on a new project each night! 
Elective class sizes are limited so kids are asked to choose four electives. They will be placed in two of their four choices as space allows.