Our Relational Commitments and Member Covenant are designed to help the people who attend our church relate to one another in a way that honors God and promotes Christlike relationships. These Commitments cover important relational issues, such as peacemaking and reconciliation, marriage and divorce, protecting children from abuse, biblical counseling, confidentiality, and mutual accountability. Of course, we strive to make sure each person is firmly rooted in our commitment to the gospel and the Word of God.

Therefore, as you read our Relational Commitments, we encourage you to study the Bible passages that are cited next to particular provisions. We want you to be confident that these Commitments are thoroughly biblical. If your study does not answer all of your questions, please do not hesitate to approach our leaders, who will be happy to talk with you about these principles.

We encourage you to expressly embrace these Commitments and, if you are not already a member, formally join our church by going through our membership process, which includes affirming the Member Covenant provided at the end of this document.

If you are not yet ready to become a member, you and your family are certainly welcome to attend our worship services, find fellowship in a small group, and seek assistance from our leaders. Please understand that if you continue relating to us in any of these ways, we will assume that you have consented to these Commitments, even if you have not yet formally joined the church.

As followers of Christ, we will do all we can to encourage you to grow in faith and godliness and to live a disciplined life that honors our Lord Jesus Christ and enhances the witness of His church.

The Elders of Riverview Church
Adopted on March 15, 2011

These Relational Commitments are adapted from The Peacemaking Church.
Used by permission of Peacemaker® Ministries.

Download our Relational Commitments (PDF)