Knowing God and Applying His Word Together
Riverview is not a church with discipleship groups but a church of discipleship groups. The gathered church on Sunday mornings is essential, but discipleship groups provide a crucial context for us to be the church by serving one another and building intentional relationships around God’s Word in a smaller group setting. Discipleship groups connect you to the body of Christ so that you can grow in your knowledge of God, use your spiritual gifts, and serve His people. Discipleship groups are not a “one-size-fits-all.” Therefore, you will find a variety of groups listed below. 

Home Groups

Home groups expand discipleship outside the four walls of the church building. Home groups provide a more intimate small group setting so that you can grow, love, and serve with fellow believers. Home groups are scattered all across Northeast Ohio. Scroll down to find a group near you! 


Leader: Steve Blake
Hosts: Mark and Melissa Smith
Time: 7-8:30

tuesday mornings in Novelty

Leader: Ron Whitmer
Time: 10-11:30, every other Tuesday


Leader: Todd Timco
Hosts:Todd and Amy Timco
Time: 7-8:30

wednesday evenings in chagrin falls

Leader: Dave Fry
Hosts: Doug and Nealie D’Abate
Time: 7-8:30

Thursday evenings in novelty

Leader: Seth Jones
Hosts: Seth and Karen Jones
Time: 7-8:30


Leader: Thad Bergmeier
Hosts: Paul and Melissa Howard
Time: 7-8:30


Leader: Vince Costanzo
Hosts: Dan and Gail Stomski
Time: 7-8:30

Not finding what you're looking for?
Let us help you find a group that works for you.


Chapters & Chats
The Ten Commandments are words about obedience and holiness—timeless in their importance and wisdom—spoken by God to a nation recently set free. Yet today these same words are often misunderstood, forgotten, or simply ignored.
In this short book, Jen Wilkin teaches how the Ten Commandments come to bear on our lives today, helping us to love God and others, live in joyful freedom, and long for that future day when God will be rightly worshiped for eternity. Ancient and timeless, these words cannot be overlooked. They serve as the rightful delight and daily meditation of those who call on the name of the Lord.

April 21, you are invited to join us on Thursdays or beginning April 23, on Saturdays, for a 6-week study of Jen Wilkins' book, Ten Words To Live By.

Order your book today so you can begin preparing for the Chapters & Chats discussion.

April 21-May 26, 9:30 AM—11:00 AM or
April 23-May 28, 10:00 AM—11:30 AM

*Childcare will be provided for the Thursday class only.

Men's Group

Join us on the 2nd Saturday of June, July, and August for breakfast and time in the Word. 
"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Cor. 16:13-14

Discipleship group fAqs

Do groups offer childcare? 
Each discipleship group seeks to serve one another and determine how to best care for young children so that families can participate. Contact your discipleship group leader to find out more information.

Can my kids participate? 
Yes, kids ages 12 and up are welcome to participate in discipleship groups.

How big are the home groups?
We aim to follow the example of Jesus in his discipleship group ministry of twelve disciples. Home groups consistently larger than twelve adults will multiply into more home groups.

There is not a discipleship group with a time or location that works for me. What do I do?

Groups are always changing. Let us know where and when works best for you!