Women's Book Clubs

We all need help, don't we?
So this summer, our women's book clubs will focus on a series of "Help" booklets.

Upon signing up, you will receive an email from your leader, and she will get you your booklet, which costs $6. Next, you will read your booklet and answer the "Personal Application Project" questions at the end. Honest, heart reflection will help you be prepared to discuss these questions and any other significant things you learn in your reading.

Since the booklets are short and sweet and the groups only meet once to discuss them, please feel free to sign up for multiple topics that may interest you.
We hope our modified approach this summer gives you the opportunity to meet and grow with new women, facilitates time with your families, and frees up plenty of time to serve, particularly for Adventure Camp.

*The building block icon denotes childcare availability. See the full childcare description after clicking on the date and time.
In case of hardship, please contact the church office for registration and a book will be provided.

Before the event, you will receive a confirmation email with the meeting address and any other information you may need. 
Mandy Fleming in Chardon

Lana Peterson in Novelty/Chesterland
Stephanie Burney in Auburn Twp.
Rachel Previte in Novelty
Melissa Smith in Middlefield
Monique Bergmeier in Chardon

Amy Timco in Novelty
Jenny Camps in Novelty

Sandi Rodriguez in Kirtland
Grace Kirk in Mayfield Hts.

Sarah Blake in Chardon
Melissa Fry in Chagrin Falls

Allison Williamson in Chardon
Lisa Ahern in Chesterland
Audra Giamei in Willoughby
Sara Tabbut in Chesterland
Kelly Wilmot in Chardon
Stephanie Burney in Auburn Twp.

Jenny Camps in Novelty
Mandy Fleming in Chardon